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Nike Commercial Move: Olympics (Cleanest Audio)

A Nike Olympics commercial. Runs 1:30. Pretty well done.

Duration : 0:1:30

[youtube n51XmB5_rh4]


  1. clim3 says:

    sweat shops also …
    sweat shops also use adults. it’s not the fact that they are forced to work, it’s the fact that they are working under such terrible conditions and low wages. this is the reason so many companies ship manufacturing off shore. it’s cheaper.

  2. TheLastReplicant says:

    Children dont work …
    Children dont work in sweat shops because they are made to its because they need the money for food. They are like american kids where playing games is an everyday thing. You work or you starve. America went through a phase in its development where our children worked but after a time we built industry and children didnt have to work. Buy nike and where them with pride, you’re feeding children.

  3. metaknife777 says:

    Never fails to …
    Never fails to inspire

  4. youstinkmom says:

    i could of sworn …
    i could of sworn this is a superbowl comerical

  5. cankles24 says:

    Jonathan Elias – …
    Jonathan Elias – Move …you can get it on Itunes

  6. bolimac says:

    No, this commercial …
    No, this commercial was for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

  7. mikeshanley2121 says:

    I like the music, …
    I like the music, does anyone know what it’s called?

  8. evfich says:


  9. evfich says:


  10. nessaminyatur says:


  11. ianedwards19 says:

    Not a single runner …
    Not a single runner in this vid had good form besides the tri guys. And thats saying ALOT!

  12. wimbledonx2 says:

    yeah! go chicago …
    yeah! go chicago 2016! there is nothing better than a good sport montage =)

  13. AKenna15 says:

    2016 back in the …
    2016 back in the states chicago baby dare to dream

  14. Mardoxtw says:

    btw which year was …
    btw which year was this commercial?2000 Sydney Olympics?

  15. Mardoxtw says:

    love it.Sports life …
    love it.Sports life is wonderful.

  16. foolishcrime says:

    What a beautiful …
    What a beautiful montage! The images are edited together perfectly with great transitions and a tremendous harmonious song linking it all. Without a doubt the best sports commercial!!

  17. conradragzoff says:

    I love this ad, …
    I love this ad, almost as much as the one with the marathon runner running past building that show different sports heroes with soft music in the background (if anyone knows the title, please message me!). This is a great ad, I had it on tape and can’t find it now… thanks for posting!

  18. Wolveslad says:

    i lov the triathlon …
    i lov the triathlon bit in the end!

  19. chikiliguty says:

    se t ace mu largo …
    se t ace mu largo pro sta muy bn

  20. JagdPanther101 says:

    Nike always seems …
    Nike always seems to make the best commercials.

  21. runningforthegold says:

    its really a great …
    its really a great commercial .

  22. sunghan says:

    This is simply the …
    This is simply the best commercial that was ever created.

  23. xm8563 says:

    i would say, their …
    i would say, their new nike courage one is better, very inspirational

  24. juanramon08 says:

    ke hermosa musica!!!
    ke hermosa musica!!!

  25. jasoninsb says:

    Advertising as art. …
    Advertising as art. Wonderful.

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