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For years, drug companies (pharmaceuticals AKA Big Pharma) have been taking the public for a costly ride and making a killing in the process– seriously, a lot of people are dying as a result. In this documentary, find out how Big Pharma's clever politics and marketing schemes are tailored specifically to empty out our bank accounts and force us to sell-off our homes if need be, for drugs that would otherwise cost a few pesos elsewhere in the world. But it doesn't stop there:

With so much profit potential glistening in their eyes, these companies have little incentive to provide cures. Rather, they recycle old drugs, modifying them ever so slightly (often resulting in deadly tails), for the single purpose of acquiring new patents; thus, renewing their monopoly over pricing. But that's only the beginning (see the video for more info)…

1. High Cost of Medicine – Marketing Disease/Pushing Drugs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc5MPhOfW6M

2. High Cost of Medicine – “Me Too Drugs”

3. High Cost of Medicine – Same Drug, Different Pill

4. High Cost of Medicine – “Gifts and Trips”

5. High Cost of Medicine – Manipulated Clinical Research

6. High Cost of Medicine – Selling Inferior Medicine

7. High Cost of Medicine – Deceptive Advertising

Duration : 0:4:31

[youtube Emn_UwnpRPY]