Are those thousands of brains & billions of dollars aimed at you a waste of resources? I mean, we make our own decisions, right? We have will-power.

We all think we're immune to advertising… that we consciously make our own choices. We frame it as an argument between strength and weakness and who wants to be weak?

Is Madison Av simply wasting those billions of dollars and thousands of minds or do we dismiss our own vulnerability at the expense of our well-being… and all for the sake of a so-called strong economy based on consumption?

Are we responsible for our conditioning – I mean ‘choices'?

We're taught at an early age that everything that happens in our lives is our fault. This is a virtual ‘Get Out of Jail Free' card for governmental and corporate criminals. We aren't weak because we're influenced by billions of dollars, we're human. The very folks who suffer from this are the very ones defending the rights of the perpetrators and *that* is not only weak but a sad and defeatist attitude cloaked in pseudo confidence. (Sorry. I got carried away)


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