I've heard that you can make money from affiliate Marketing. Is it worth pursuing? Is it the same as blogging? What is the best way to make money and how much can you make per month?

Everyone on this page (so far) is offering you a program (except for Helen) and they all benefit from those programs if you join the programs. But that does not answer your question …

A blog is a type of software that helps you post (display) small articles on the web without having to set up a website. Most software for blogging are free.

Go to http://blogger.com to see some examples or set up a free one.

What's the point of blogging? Well, you can start talking about a specific topic eg beahc vacations. The you promote your blog and get traffic (visitors) to it and build a relationship with your readers.

Then if yor recommend a product or a holiday package from a company some of your readers may buy. If you are an affiliate for tht company, when somone buys you get a commission. The company pays you directly.

So selling (by promoting or recommending) products from other companies that you are registered with as an affiliate is called affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate markeitng with or without blogging. There are a huge number of ways.

Can you make "quick" money, from affiliate markeitng? Yes and no. It is possible to make "quick" money but not for someone totally new.

When you know what you're doing, you can do anything quickly.

First you need to learn about affiliate marketing. Do some searches. Do not join any prigrams. Just learn from the info already published and there's a ton of it out there.

For example, do a search on


for "affiliate marketing". It is completely free. There is no registration or anything else. And LEARN LEARN LEARN.

How much can you make? There's a guy called Chris Wilson I think. He started with affiliate marketing (after learning what to do … took him a few months). He started earning a few hundred dollars per month …. and eventually hit $100,000 per month.

There are people who make 100K per week!

But the vast majoirty of people never make any money because they do not learn the basics and the intermediate and then the advanced stuff. They learn just a little and don't even apply half of what they learn.

They then give up and move on to another "scheme" or "program" and there are tons of those as you can see from the recommendations (offers) on this page.

And they continue to jump from one program to another. Literally millions of people go on program hopping for 2 or 3 years and spend thousands each and earn nothing.

Don't be one of those. Just learn, apply, monitor the results, make little (but very important) improvements and monitor again. This continuous process willl make rich beyond your imagination and you don't need any schemes or programs or tricks or shortcuts (that don't exist).

Happy learning and earning