OK, some marketers have gone too far! by Laura Betterly

I went to a rather upscale restaurant with my husband for dinner last night–it was our date night. In the middle of the dinner, I excused myself and went to the ladies room to find the most embarrassing advertising I’ve ever witnessed–there were ads in the stalls.  Now, I ask you, would you go to…

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Outsourcing–what a concept by Laura Betterly

Outsourcing has changed the landscape of the world.  Here’s a very funny take on it.  Foamy Rocks

Spanish for your Nanny by Laura Betterly

Oh My…this is too funny!

Do carbon footprints come in sizes like shoes? by Laura Betterly

Is carbon neutral a color or are we doing away with pencils? I don’t get it… How can anyone “buy” a credit for energy they expended? It doesn’t make sense. You either use the energy or you don’t. Period. What it seems to me as a marketing professional is that the new “buzz” word is…

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Integration Nightmares by Laura Betterly

You know, coordination is a beautiful thing.  Without it, you get what I just witnessed in my own organization.  I was looking for some particular information and what I found was disturbing. I found out that our company is using: Two different billing systems Three different help desk systems Two separate FAQ management softwares Two different…

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How Google became Google by Laura Betterly

The story of Google is very Interesting.  Here is the story of the Founders of Google, a nine minute piece, and a great background for everyone to understand the hidden story behind the founding of the search giant, and explains how Adwords works.

When do you not need to market? by Laura Betterly

I have a nutritionist that I see on a regular basis who has pretty much saved my life. He’s amazing. I don’t know of any one else who can get a result like he does.  The strange thing though is that he doesn’t market — at all. You can’t find him in the yellow pages. His office and…

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Landing Page Conversions by Laura Betterly

Here’s a bit of information on a new project my company has called Search Chameleon. One of our tech guys had a brilliant idea to maximize our Google Adwords conversions for landing pages with one simple concept – instead of trying to make the best possible page for everyone, making the page dynamically change to be…

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