What I learned last year…

Being short doesn't mean I'm not smart... The last year has been a bit random.  I did a lot of great things and neglected a lot of others.  When I broke my hip on January 2, 2014 it set up a chain of events that really had me a bit out of control in my…

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Zappos Retargeting Fail

Even the big brands can mess up.. Here’s a quick video I did on Zappos retargeting FAIL.  Please feel free to share and comment below 🙂

Clickfunnels Demo

Click Funnels Demo Here's a quick demo of Click Funnels--Get your free demo account here. Please note you can watch this full screen by clicking on the button on the video player.  Enjoy--and let me know if you have any questions or anything I can answer on this..   Get Your Fourteen Day Trial nowStart…

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Blooper Roll-Kevin Harrington and Laura Betterly

My Confession

I’m back! I must confess…I’ve been neglecting you.  I’ve actually never been gone but it has been a cray year I know, I know…I’ve heard it all and know it’s true about keeping up with your mailing list and blog, but this has been a crazy year. Started off on Jan 1st by writing down…

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Testimonial–I’m quite proud of this one

Here is a picture we took together last fall at the SEO Rock stars event in Sacramento.

Pricing Models

This is a great info graphic on pricing and pricing models... Enjoy..Like... Share :-)

A blast from my past

Just found this video reel on YouTube from when I was the President of PCDJ.  It truly was ahead of it’s time and I am still proud to have been a part of this.

Best practices for reviews

Here’s a video I did on “the new rules” on reviews.  Comment below!

Lead Pages

I’m really excited about this.  About two weeks ago I was struggling with several different themes and plugin for my lead and sales pages.  Not that they were each horrible individually, it was more that they were each different and complex and it just took a long time to make them do what I needed…

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