Google Translate A good idea

Wish I had this when I was traveling.  Now the mobile version of this will rock.   Google’s free online language translation service instantly translates

Search Engine Optimization

Penguin Proof?

If you were hit by penguin (ok, bad visual being hit by a penguin) Majestic SEO’s new metrics will show you if you have links

AWeber Interview

I was asked to do an interview on the AWeber blog.  Click here to listen and download the free PDF Seven Marketing Steps.


Social Shares-the new SEO strategy?

As I have mentioned previously, recent changes in the Google Algorithm have left many websites that previously had a ton of traffic at the bottom of


SEO Bloodbath?

In February Google updated its algorithm yet again.  Now the reason for this is up for speculation but Google has said its to make a better user experience.  In Google’s eye, they would like every search to serve up exactly what the searcher is looking for.  It’s earlier updates have always favored high quality content that creates a great user experience.  I don’t think anyone would argue with that. I surely won’t or don’t. But this update also penalized many sites just because they or the company that they hired used certain blog networks to help get their sites higher up in the search engines.  In fact, several networks have been de-indexed.