Mobile Local Marketing Interview-Part One

Here’s an interview that Ryan Deiss did with me on Mobile and Local Marketing on his blog-Enjoy.

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Black Friday Bootcamp

Some amazing friends and I are hosting a black Friday bootcamp to help you learn Facebook marketing–for real.  All the proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Be there or be square.  Click here for more info:

20 Free Social Media Icons

Another great post from Mashable!


OK, this one is pretty funny!

Great Blog Post on Fast comany

Google is putting way more attention on Geo/Local and Mobile.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit

Here I am with Ryan Deiss at the Summit

Who are the marketing people targeting to promote the new Alice in Wonderland movie? Demographics?

Hi. I’m doing a fake marketing campaign for the new alice in wonderland movie coming out in march for a high school marketing class. I’m trying to research the demographics and i’m assuming the movie is rated PG. Would you guys think they are targeting older children since the director is Tim Burton?? If I…

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Is it ethical to send a fax advertising your goods or services to the recipient?

I have a fax machine and I keep getting faxes advertising goods or services. When I get into my office at home, I find the faxes are already printed and I have paid for the printing myself when its about other people’s busnesses. Is this ethical? Can I do anything about it without incuring further…

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How can I start my own advertising company?

What must I do to start my own successful advertising company? The fact that you are posting here online suggests to me that you are not ready to start an advertising company. The first step is to get experience in the industry Then move into more contract work. Maybe some small jobs. Depends on what…

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How does advertising work for the recording and movie industry?

Technically, the recording and movie industry do not generate their income through advertising, so how does advertising work for them? In a way they do generate their income that way. By advertising, there are usually two benefactors: the product being advertised and the sponsor of the advertisement. The sponsor is given credit for the advertisement…

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