How will the outcome of advertising be influence by new media?

Will advertising be able to survive in the future? Since everything is now being done online and etc, yes, i am

How can I give a client access to one campaign in my google adwords account?

I have a bunch of websites with google adwords on them being controlled by one account. How do I give someone access to view the adwords reports for only one of these websites? You should be able to download the report to excel and then email it to them, thats the safest way. I would…

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What are subliminal messeges in advertising?

I am a student, my major is advertising and graphic design. I want to know more about subliminal messeges & subliminal advertising. I want to see examples of them as well if possible. Thanx! Try this web site for some examples:

What are the best ways to learn google adwords?

Are there any business owners out there that have found good and free ways to learn google adwords? I am looking at youtube videos, seminars both online and offline as well as the help center…. As i start to get into it i am curious if anyone has found a very effective and inexpensive way…

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How much do advertising agencies here in the Philippines charge?

How much do advertising agencies here in the Philippines charge? For example a TVC? POPs? Print ads? A full campaign for a client? It would also be very helpful to know the rates of big agencies (like BBDO Guerrero, TBWA, Publicis Jimenez Basic, Ogilvy, Etc.) and the smaller players in the industry. Thanks It really…

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How can I spend less that $20 a month on google adwords?

I want to open a google adwords account, but I’m afraid of racking up hundreds of dollars in costs and fees. How can I make sure I only spend a small amount of cash ($20 per month)? I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money by accident when I’m just experimenting with the…

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How do free newspapers make money apart from advertising? Are there other streams of revenue?

The Evening Standard (in London) paper recently turned into a free publication. I understand that they did this as they believe the increased revenue from advertising (due to rise in readership levels) will be more than previously received with the cover price. Can they make money in other ways apart from advertising whilst being a…

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How do i value advertising for a fantasy soccer website?

Hi, i am interested in starting up a fantasy soccer website. I believe i have found a niche market where i expect to have between 3000-5000 members. I plan to give a free service and generate revenue through selling advertising space and sponsorship. How do i go about valuing the advertising space? Well, it’s not…

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ads for interior designers on google adwords?

Which is the best budget and day limit & any other things you know on google adwords? I want to advertise my Business in NY. Which ways for interior designers advertising are best? You might want to submit a local business listing to Google. This will give you the opportunity to come up in the…

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