Who has used google Adwords? What should be the best daily budget? How to increase clicks and sales?

I am using the google Adwords but not attracting a lot of clicks. How should I improve the key words and daily budget to attract more sales? Please give me your advice and experience. Thanks. The easiest ways: With adwords, is simple.You must bid high on the beginning, like for the top or second position.…

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What is a good marketing slogan for a locksmith company?

I am looking for some good marketing slogans and taglines for a locksmith company. I am doing direct mail and a email newsletter and need some good advice Thanks! How about? Lock It Or Lose It Lockdown 4 Safety Your Key 2 Peace of Mind Late Night Locksmith

What exactly is the best approach to article marketing?

I am quite new to the whole Internet marketing and SEO thing and I would really love to make marketing online a full-time job. But I am honestly so overwhelmed right now. I have read that article marketing is the best way to market my websites, but how exactly do I go about doing this?…

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What are some popular free advertising sites?

The only pretty popular free advertising site I know is CraigsList. Are there other sites like CL to do free advertising on that is pretty popular? If your site is for mobiles or mobile formated, try


Right. i am looking into something wonder if some of you could help? Is there anyway that you can get free advertising? If so how? Does anyone have it is it just as good as Paid for advertising? =P It all depends on what you are advertising. The web page below gives very good advice…

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which advertising companies apart from satchi & sctchi is the best in the UK? Wieden & Kennedy and BBH or Bogle and hegarty are pretty big names.

Where are some good places to market my network marketing business?

Hello all, I have become a distributor for a network marketing company that is new to Michigan. I am really excited about it, and so far it is working out way better than I had expected. I spend a lot of time online and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good place for…

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Where to learn the Internet marketing basics from?

I really want to make some extra money working from home and am interested in learning Internet marketing. I currently stay at home with my two little kids but would be able to devote about 25 hours a week to Internet marketing. It’s just that I don’t know where to start. Where do I find…

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How would you market alcohol if advertising it is prohibited?

Hello guys – I’ve been posited this question for a media assignment and I’m a little stumped. I’m an English student so media is not my strong point and this is for a media-related subsidary. I guess I have to highlight the difference between marketing and advertising, i.e. does an internet viral or artwork on…

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How do I know which words/ads are most successful on Google AdWords/Analytics and how much they cost me?

I’m using lots of keywords and several campaigns in Google AdWords. How can I tell in Google Analytics which ones are helping me accomplish Goals and at what rate? Please walk me through step-by-step where I need to look in Google Analytics. Thank you! I’m using lots of keywords and several campaigns in Google AdWords.…

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