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Laura Betterly with Jack Mize

Here’s a video we did at Traffic and Conversion Summit last month in Austin.  It’s about PPC Management for Local. Picture disclaimer:  The weird still that Youtube decided to you as the front still is pretty darn ugly–I don’t like ugly and it doesn’t represent how I really look–but the interview is good.

Instant Local Traffic is Live

My new course is here. Click on the image to check it out!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Marketing Basket!

Recorded on my iPad

Great Blog Post on Fast comany

Google is putting way more attention on Geo/Local and Mobile.

Is there a way to find out if a company uses Google Adwords?

I would like to know if a particular company uses Google Adwords – I am researching their ads. Is there some kind of directory for Google Adwords users? There is no directory for adwords users. Most sites have to put "ads by Google" by that section of the page (but major players like AOL, CNN,…

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Can anyone tell me about google adwords?

I just ordered the Google Adwords kit, but now I am worried. Has anyone tried this? Does it really work or is it a scam? It says it was on the news, and on NBC, ABC, and others. Those kits are a scam. The information you need is free for the taking at Google but…

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How do you make money with Google Adwords,does it really work?

I have seen tons of ads about making money at home through google adwords. They say it is as simple as following a cookbook. Is that true? Has anyone had experiences out there that they can explain how it is so "easy" to make money,with that system? Any other bright ideas,that will not cost me…

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How can I give a client access to one campaign in my google adwords account?

I have a bunch of websites with google adwords on them being controlled by one account. How do I give someone access to view the adwords reports for only one of these websites? You should be able to download the report to excel and then email it to them, thats the safest way. I would…

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What are the best ways to learn google adwords?

Are there any business owners out there that have found good and free ways to learn google adwords? I am looking at youtube videos, seminars both online and offline as well as the help center…. As i start to get into it i am curious if anyone has found a very effective and inexpensive way…

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How can I spend less that $20 a month on google adwords?

I want to open a google adwords account, but I’m afraid of racking up hundreds of dollars in costs and fees. How can I make sure I only spend a small amount of cash ($20 per month)? I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money by accident when I’m just experimenting with the…

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