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What I learned last year…

Being short doesn't mean I'm not smart... The last year has been a bit random.  I did a lot of great things and neglected a lot of others.  When I broke my hip on January 2, 2014 it set up a chain of events that really had me a bit out of control in my…

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Pricing Models

This is a great info graphic on pricing and pricing models... Enjoy..Like... Share :-)

Seven Tips for Higher Rankings

Since February, it seems almost every few weeks there is another Google update that is changing the search engine rankings. It’s been a wholesale change in how sites are ranked and frankly, it has put many people out of business.

The first update attacked what Google considered unnatural links (meaning a ton of links pointing to a site that seemed unusual in Google’s eyes.)

The next one attacked sites that were not considered high quality. Then there was the update that attacked what was considered over-optimization.

Here are seven tips to help you recover from this.

AWeber Interview

I was asked to do an interview on the AWeber blog.  Click here to listen and download the free PDF Seven Marketing Steps.


SEO Bloodbath?

In February Google updated its algorithm yet again.  Now the reason for this is up for speculation but Google has said its to make a better user experience.  In Google’s eye, they would like every search to serve up exactly what the searcher is looking for.  It’s earlier updates have always favored high quality content that creates a great user experience.  I don’t think anyone would argue with that. I surely won’t or don’t. But this update also penalized many sites just because they or the company that they hired used certain blog networks to help get their sites higher up in the search engines.  In fact, several networks have been de-indexed. 

Laura Betterly with Jack Mize

Here’s a video we did at Traffic and Conversion Summit last month in Austin.  It’s about PPC Management for Local. Picture disclaimer:  The weird still that Youtube decided to you as the front still is pretty darn ugly–I don’t like ugly and it doesn’t represent how I really look–but the interview is good.

From this years traffic and conversion summit

Here’s a quick video from LMASS

Just hosted the Local, Mobile and Social Summitt with Kate Buck (my sister from another mother.) Check out this video on how to really get a product!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Marketing Basket!

Recorded on my iPad

Mobile Local Marketing Interview-Part One

Here’s an interview that Ryan Deiss did with me on Mobile and Local Marketing on his blog-Enjoy.

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