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Inspirational Story:

You don't need a new truck when you are starting out. Check out Dave's truck as an example.

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A while back Bill wrote us on the forum and posted a picture of him hauling his lawn mower around from job to job, in the back of his car's trunk. No longer though, Bill has been able to upgrade his lawn care business vehicle this year from a car to a pickup.

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Lawn Care Business Marketing Idea:

One of our new Gopher lawn care forum members Emerald Green Lawn Care was kind enough to post a sample letter they use to contact property managers.

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Business Question:

Are you keeping track of where your new customers initially heard of your business from? If you aren't you might be wasting a huge amount of advertising dollars. Let's jump to a post Chuck made in our lawn care forum.

In his post Chuck said “I keep track of everything, My findings were surprising. about 65-70% of my business thus far has come from 1 source & at an advertising cost of just over $10 per customer! Pretty cheap. ”

Our friend Justin also jumped into the discussion and posted an excel sheet template to help you track your lawn care business advertising dollar.

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Another great topic Chuck brought up, along a similar line, is the question, are you answering your business phone during the day? It is amazing how many small lawn care businesses don't answer their calls during the day because they are busy working. The problem with this is many potential customers won't leave a message. Instead they will simply call the next lawn care business on their list.

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Lawn Care Search Engine Optimization:

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Lawn Care Marketing Idea

Have you ever experimented with offering a referral program to your lawn care customers? Emerald Green Lawn Care created a great referral coupon template that they posted on the forum. Check out the post and see what the best way is market your referral program to your current customer base in order to reach out to more customers.

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Book of the Month:

This month's business book of the month is Robert Slater's “No Such Thing As Over Exposure.”

If our show or forum has helped you, or if you have any business questions, please let us know and send an email or make a post about your experience! I hope all these ideas have helped you expand and grow your business and mind. So until the next time, always remember to Dream it, Build it, Gopher it!

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