I'm a travel agent. How can I use Google AdWords to my advantage?

Google adwords is basically a program that lets you pick your choice of words and set of words to advertise your compnay or product such that whenever someone types in those words, you ad shows up in the list of ads. Now if the seracher clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount to google, but only if he clicks.
when he clicks he is able to see a small ad of your product, that staes in clear terms what you sell and a contact or link to how he can buy the product if he is interseted – one normally just gives the website address as a link for more details.
The catch is that a click does not ensure that you got a client and you may end up spending more than you earn but it is a good way to advertise and you can set aside certain amount of money for ads.
You should be careful about phrasing your ad such that it appleas directly and clearly to a perso in need of your services when he sees your ad.
you should make a good selection of words and set of words that you think people might enter to look for a produc t that you are selling. How you can do this is easily explained in the googleadwords help pages. If you get stuck, ask us again and we'll help you out with drafting your ad and words.
good luck.