I work as an account executive for a minority daily newspaper in the US. Unlike other A/E in mainstream media, I can very less money. I want to set up relationships with big advertising agencies to expand my network, and eventually draw ads into my newspaper.
I tried so many advertising agencies, but all I had are voice mails and no responses except the front desk receptionist.
My question is how can I reach those people in advertising agencies?
Any advice is welcomed.
Thank you very much.

I think there are at least two avenues for you to consider.

An advertising agency or a marketing communications firm might be interested in your newspaper for two reasons:

1. The Media Director of the agency might be interested in reaching what, from your description, sounds like a very tight and well-defined demographic audience. In order to interest a media director, however, you will have to be able to provide detailed information about your newspaper. This would include the following:

• circulation – how many readers do you have?
• demographics – what is the actual demographic makeup of your readership? What is their ethnic makeup? How old are they? What kind of incomes do they have? Do they work in white collar jobs or blue collar jobs?
• distribution – how do you reach your readers? Are you a paid newspaper or a free paper? What is the geographic distribution of your paper?
• how long you've been in business?
• how much are your ad rates? Do you offer a 15% discount to agencies for commission?

As you can see there are a lot of details that you will need to provide in writing or on the web about your publication. This is just basic Media Kit information – every tv and radio station has them, as do all print media vehicles: magazines, newspaper and trade magazines.

Another approach to reaching ad agencies and communication firms is on the basis of submitting stories or press releases that might be of interest to your readers. Agencies are always looking for new outlets for their stories. Such a relationship could prove to be a win-win for everyone.

Good luck.