I'm wondering if I can start an advertising and/or marketing agency. For the last couple of years I've developed good relations with several people in radio/newspapers/online/TV, etc. So I'm at this stage in which I would like to get something started along the lines of advertising and marketing. I am more into P.R. work than advertising, but I'm being very broad and general with the question, so advertising pretty much covers the entire scope of what I would like to do.

I'm pretty creative, net-savvy, and the only thing I'm not aware of is how to get started. Or if there is any specific set of "expectations" from an agency.

I've been thinking about getting some referrals by helping some of the lonely booth people in the middle of malls and the like. And a few unsuccessful-yet-potential-cash-cow restaurants.

Where do I go from here?

The first thing – for marketing – you'll need is a successful campaign. Do you have a local non-profit that you could volunteer to help? Maybe you could offer to write promotional material if they'll provide the materials – printing, ad costs – you'll provide the labor. If you do something that looks nice and works well, use it as a sample and go around to businesses. If what you did for the np doesn't include advertising, mention your knowledge and contacts. Many businesses (sad to say as I'm in this field) are looking for contract work in marketing so are willing to consider freelance when their current contracts are up. Good luck.