Im very interested in having a Marketing career, but I have no idea how to get started. Anyone got any ideas?

If you have no idea, you may need to first figure out what you actually want. Do you really want a job in marketing? Or do you mean advertising?

Marketing is boring. Lots of numbers and Research. I would make the same suggestion as the other person – for this you need a degree.

If you mean advertising, however, you don't necessarily need a degree to do that, although it will help. Creative Directors look for competent individuals who can think. That's pretty much the basis for your job, whether you're an art director or a Copywriter. the way you do that is by creating a book of work. The work can be spec, but the more pieces you have that were actually produced, the better. Make sure your work is clever.

Check out these books:

How to get your book together and get a job in advertising.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!

The Copywriter's handbook

If I could remember authors I would have written them in.

If you mean you want to be an account executive than God help you.