I have a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in Marketing. I am interested in getting into a career in the market research industry, however I am having difficulty finding jobs in this field. Most jobs for marketing majors seem to be in sales. I do not feel that I have the right personality and strengths to be successfu in sales. I am more of an analytical, detailed, organized person who prefers woking with data and solving problems. I have looked on the major job search sites, but there are not many opportunities for entry-level candidates. I have researched companies who specialize in market research in my area, and I have been on two interviews, but no job offer.

Should I start to look in another direction? What type of work could be a good stepping stone for somebody who wants to get into marketing research? The job interviews I had with the market research companies were entry-level posiitons involving clerical type work.Should I look for clerical positions for experience?

at this site http://www.job–listings.info/free-aptitude-test.htm
you just fill the form in and they'll provide results according to your answers so keep it in the marketing topic and if lucky you should get what you want.
There's a couple more tests here too http://www.job–listings.info/
good luck