How much money did you start off with when you started affiliate marketing. Is it as easy as most people claim, or is it harder these days? How did you find out about this stuff and how much do you make now? Is it useful for me to get started with?

Those are five questions in one… But just this once I'll answer it!

You should get started with it! In response to your main question, this is how I started using AdWords with clickbank – in detail:

Affiliate marketing is not easy. But it isn't hard. It's just like anything else. I bet the first time you had to brush your teeth it was hard. But once you get the hang o it, it's pretty easy, eh?

I signed up to heaps of online programs and courses and eventually started making money. I cannot disclose how much I make in an open forum, but it's enough to say I have quit my job and do this full time! It earns me more and I work less.