I've gotten no information regarding end-user benefits as far as generating revenue from adwords is concerned. It seems like, only Google is profiting. I'd like to know, How ''I'' end up making the money using Adwords. A succinct answer is preferable. Thank You

Do you mean with Google Adsense?
With Google Adwords you actually pay for advertising on people's websites but with Google Adsense you are being paid for advertising people's ads on your website.

To get paid with Google Adsense:
1. Create a site or blog with less competitive keywords ( I can help you)
2. Fill your site/blog with UNIQUE content – Search engines loves unique content
3. This will allow you to be quickly indexed in search engines
4. When people search for a phase related to your keywords they will be directed to your site.
5. Apply for google adsense
6. When approved, display adsense ads prominently but do not over do.
7. Write articles and submit to directories (this is long term but most effective)
8. Comment on blogs related to your theme. Post constructive answers on forums – again related to your theme
9. Join social networking sites with a link pointing back to your site
10. Keep updating your site with unique content

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