How many advertising messages (from all media sources) is the average British person exposed to on a daily basis? This research will be sited in my final disseratation so it needs to come from a very credible source. PS please make sure its british uk statistics not american!!!

I found this website where you can search the media stats. http://www.mediauk.com/the_knowledge/i.muk/Special:Statistics


Some experts estimate that the consumer is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages a day.http://www.realtor.org/rmomag.NSF/pages/feature2july05?OpenDocument

the average person may be exposed to 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day. http://www.aef.com/pdf/arens_ch03.pdf


the average person was exposed to 1500 commercial http://www.mediaed.org/videos/CommercialismPoliticsAndMedia/Advertising_EndOfWorld/studyguide/Advertising_EndOfWorld.pdf