1. Presidential candidates nearly always do worse in states where they don't campaign than states where they do.

2. I've read that Obama's gains have been at least partially due to the effectiveness of his campaigning and advertising as compared to Clinton's.

3. There are so many newspaper articles about how important raising money is for a political campaign to be successful.

So how much do you think it affects your vote? And if you say it doesn't, why do you think campaigning and advertising have so much influence on elections?

Typically it has no effect at all on my vote, since all of the candidates tend to try the same tricks so I hate them equally. Both campaigning and advertising serve one purpose alone. That purpose is to win your vote. It is not to give you an accurate picture of their plans and policies. it's to focus only on the information needed to win votes.

I just don't understand why it works. Do people not realize that politicians aren't completely honest in ads and while campaigning? I'd much rather just look up the candidate's past history and future plans and ideas on my own to decide.