How does everyone make so much money with clickbank and google adwords?

Basically you search the click bank marketplace for a good product to promote. You can research high volume search terms at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and you can create keywords and see search volumes.
This will also help determine which product will be good to try and promote. When you find a campaign you click create hoplink and enter your user name. It will create a link like http://yourname.aname.hop.clickbank.com this will be the link you want to promote. Now that is a nasty looking domain so if you have a hosting company create a sub domain and redirect it to your hoplink.
If you ddon'thave host try http://www.shorturl.com for domain forwarding for about $2.
Other things to keep an eye out for is professional site, good sales copy (does it make you want to buy it?) I have had a lot of luck with these 3 clickbank sites.

Then you create your adwords campaign and advertise this link. Now with this 100 different people could tell you 100 different things. The best way is to work with small budgets and see what gets results for yourself.

Some ideas are:
With your add writing be creative.
Use your adds to qualify customers if your on a budget (eg. It only cost $34 to change your body.) This would cut down people looking for free stuff but generate less clicks.
Some people will use high budgets on adwords to generate mass amounts of visitors. This can also make you broke fast.
Start small and refine your campaign then increase your budget when it is working well.
Try and use these 5 things
Impulse – Make them want it NOW.
Greed – Because you cant live with out it.
Sense of uurgency- Its only at this price for 10 more seconds.
Sheep Factor (Jones theory) – Mr Jones up the road got 3 of them.
Indifference. – I ddon'tcare if you take it or not.
Some people say use few keywords. This is because google rates your adds performance.
Sometimes i have had a few hundred keywords on a low budget like 16 cents a click. I have been ranked off the first page of search results but still generating thousands of impressions and nearly 1000 clicks a day.
Click bank has generated a lot of money for me. Sometimes I made a few hundred in a month, and sometime a few thousand. Now i can generate huge figures in a single day.

It takes time and practice. Good luck with it. For a detailed way to make a lot of money on clickbank try this ebook http://www.cb.mattmclellan.com don't be scared by the $99.00 price tag because it was the best investment of my life and im sure it could help you to.