I would offer many different options for business owners to choose. printing and distributing flyers or corner signs, running ads in the newspaper and online websites or radio. Pretty much anything to do with advertising/ promoting for local businesses owned by individuals (like lawn care, roofing, restraunt, hair salon etc.) What should I do to start my business and is this a stupid idea?

I really think this is a good idea. I would contract you. Here are a few things you should know.

1. Pick a good name. Something people will remember.

2. Will you be a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Corporation? This effects your liability if you get sued and taxes.

3. How much seed capital, or money do you have to start your business? This can include credit available.

4. Do you have a contract your costomers will sign? AKA an Engagement Agreement. Without this you will probably not get paid, and you will always want to leave very clear what you will do and not do. That way there are not any mistunderstandings.

5. Do you have an office, or work from home? Office will help you get clients vs home where business is rent free.

6. How will you keep records? Bookkeeping is very important. If the IRS has questions and you don't have records you will loose audits and get fined. This can lead to not having funds to run your business. BE CAREFUL and keep records.

7. Will you have employees or sub-contractors? This can also get you in trouble. If you pay an employee cash that employee can sue you and you will most likely not have money to run your business after all the fines. BE HONEST.

8. Do you have an Accountant, Lawyer who will help you and give you advise? This is an investment. We can help you to stay out of trouble and grow your business. Look for a trustworthy accountant.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!