Hello guys – I've been posited this question for a media assignment and I'm a little stumped. I'm an English student so media is not my strong point and this is for a media-related subsidary. I guess I have to highlight the difference between marketing and advertising, i.e. does an internet viral or artwork on the underground constitute as advertising? What ways can an alcohol brand have any visibility if advertising is banned? Are there any clever alternatives?

Good Question. They want to get you thinking about things other than straight advertisements. Besides that is only the Promotion part of the 4 P's. You still have your Product, placing and Price (free always gets results) to play around with. Okay so Here are some other (specific-sorry I was having fun) options:

1:Word of mouth: get people talking. Maybe offer samples to people who run in highly influential circles. They will tell people. Another group to tap into are the "mavericks" they do what they want and like what they want and don't care who knows it. They carry high influence although most times they do not run in those circles.

2: sponsor appropriate events. Adult ski trips, golf outings, high profile parties.

3: Sponsor a location: Very stable area where you can put up what you want. Ex. Smirnoff sports bar and grill.

4: Pass out shirts and make it a fashion statement: Even celebrities want free shirts! Give a gift packet to those accepting awards at the emmy's, oscars but especially any music award show. Musicians are in the spotlight a little more (actors may have 3 movies a year on average, musicians have 3 videos per quarter! they are always in the spotlight.) and include the shirt. They will eventually wear them out and people will demand them. And it would only be right of you to supply the demand for the shirt with the purchase of your beverage.

Here are some good Ideas. good luck.