I need to really market my client's website, but he does not want to use Google AdWords. He also wants to do so relatively cheaply. What are my options? He wants something that will bring a lot of people to the site to fill out forms for information on insurance.

I offer promotion for local clients, as well. Some of the ways I get exposure for them are:

1. Press Releases/Media. Do some networking and try to get hooked up with the local newspaper. If you can get your client to become one of their experts, he'll be referenced regularly for free. You can also write and submit press releases online. I find writers at http://Shelancers.com

2. Article Marketing. Another poster referenced article marketing and it does work. A twist on article marketing is to connect with big sites and offer to become an expert. Have your client write one article per week or per month as an expert for the site and he'll naturally begin to get traffic to the website.

3. Local directories and forums. Search online for local directories and forums. Oftentimes, you can get free listings.

4. Yahoo Business directory. http://local.yahoo.com/

5. If your client prefers to talk rather than write, he can also be a guest on a podcast or teleseminar.

Those are just a few ways. There are countless other ways to get free advertising that actually works. I hope this helps.