I need to know the abc's of starting a internet business to advertising and getting customers. I am a beginner so I would welcome any help possible.

First up, do you have a website?. If not yours personally, do you have a reference number to or name generated for you to say people are responding to the ads that you have done?
If thats sorted, you need to look up "free advertising". Most advertising sites on the net have a spot fro free ads, and you should do up to 20 different sites a day. I am suprised your trainer hasn't given you a list. Don't spam a site though, this will get you banned.
create a small ad that states in simple terms what you are offering. Do NOT overdo it, or make it too good to be true. When you go to each different site just copy and paste THE SAME AD in each site. If youare not getting the response you want after a few weeks, you may need to change your wording. You will get better at this.
Never spend more on advertising than what you make in your business. If you are doing payper click, you need to remember this.
if you have a retail product that you can sell immediately offline, I suggest you do that if you want your paid advertising to work for you. As I said, do NOT spend more than you are making. You will just lose out.
If you are interested in learning about how to succeed in this type of business I have a blog running about all the things I have /am finding out. There may be something helpful in there for you. Just click on my icon and you will get there. Theres no strings, info is always free!