Is Direct Mail Dead?

With technological advancements, everything seems to be going digital. Well, at this point, it’s probably more accurate to say everything is digital. 

With that said, the sea of constant emails, social media ads and overloaded online information can overwhelm your prospects.

Fortunately, direct mail remains one of the most powerful ways to push your brand right in front of your prospective customers.

Let’s dive right into reasons why this oh-so tangible marketing method is still effective – even in the digital age.

High Chances of Being Read

Since there's fear of missing out on something vital (like those bills we all love 🙄), most people don't throw away mail without at least glancing and screening it first. 

That means there is a high likelihood that the recipient will read and respond to your message. Sure, your postcard may sit on the counter for a week before they take action, but is this really a bad thing? Or is it really 24/7, in-home advertising? Each time they pass by, guess who comes to mind? YOU! 

High Return on Investment

Mailing a postcard to your target market might have a higher upfront cost than digital marketing channels like social media, but…

Studies show that direct mail has a median of 29% return on investment (ROI) and can generate over 28% conversion rates!

Pretty impressive for an “old fashioned” piece of paper, right?

An Added Touchpoint to Skyrocket Conversion 🚀

Every smart marketing strategy employs multiple channels

Along with other highly engaging communication routes like SMS (text), ads and email, direct mail fits perfectly into the mix.

That's because direct mail recipients are more likely to check out a company online after receiving a brochure or postcard. So, although direct mail can smoothly slide into your strategy at any point, it’s a great first touchpoint between you and your prospects.

According to a whitepaper by USPS Delivers, when digital and direct mail are combined, businesses can see up to a 40% conversion rate!

Pssst… In case you’re not aware, that's incredible!

But wait, there’s more!!!

On average, it takes seven interactions with your company for a prospect to take action. Seven! Direct mail opens up an additional contact point to get your message heard.

It's for all Age Groups

The Pew Research Center reported over half of senior adults don’t have social media accounts, and 33% of seniors cannot even access the internet. That makes direct mail a super effective marketing tool for brands targeting this market. 


Don't think for a second direct mail doesn't appeal to the youngins too! Studies found that 40% of millennials read direct mail thoroughly as they often look for opportunities to unplug. 

It Creates a Multi-Sensory Experience

Human beings experience the world through their sense of hearing, taste, sight, touch, and smell. At most, digital approaches will focus on hearing and sight. But, since direct mail is a physical item, it can appeal to more of a customer's senses and influence behavior.

The multi-sensory experience allows you to create a tangible, real-world connection and nurture a robust relationship that results in conversions.

Creativity, Creativity and More Creativity

The sky's the limit when it comes to direct mail creativity. You can use strong text, impactful images, and clear visuals to create pieces that help you stand out amongst the competitors.

Brochures, postcards, flyers, letters…. So many options!

On top of that, innovations including built-in QR codes, augmented reality, and 3D mailing packs are expanding the horizons of what's possible through direct mail.

The right style will easily convey your message and speak to your prospects' values.

It's Trackable

The effectiveness of a direct mail campaign isn't just a guessing game, it’s trackable! There are unique tracking techniques you can employ to track all of your objectives.

For instance, if your goal is for the recipients to visit your website, you can design a unique url or add a trackable QR code to your mailer. 

Want them to call? It’s easy-peasy to set up an exclusive phone number to add to your mailer these days! 

The easiest of all? Add a coupon code that's dedicated solely to your direct mail campaign. When it gets used, you’ll know why!

Reaches Multiple People Within a Household

Since direct mail is tangible and creativity is endless, it will likely pass through the hands of all occupants of the household – regardless of age. This is added visibility and ensures your campaign goes beyond your target to inform more prospective customers about your brand. 

On a Final Note…

While direct mail might feel outdated, it is still an excellent way of reaching your audience, grabbing their attention, and connecting with them on a personal level. The data is undeniable!