I started a new website and was wondering if any one had any success with google adwords?
i was talking about adwords to promote my site, not putting advertising on my site.

The program affiliate with google is actually called adsense. It is a nice thing to have for some websites. However, not all websites are created equal. You need to know who you target audiance is, and whether or not this will make your site look 'cheap'. If you're going to be getting A LOT of traffic in a niche market that advertisers are typically paying big bucks for advertising then it would be worth it.

Two things to consider together for a decent profit.
1: Will you get a lot of traffic
2: Is it in a good target niche

Google pays you for using adsense in this manner. They take the advertisers amount spent on that click and then divide that by either 50% or 75% as your payment. So, if you're in a niche with the average price per click set at $.05 you will not make much money at all, even with a large amount of traffic. If you are in a niche like Student loan consolidation, or mesothelioma then you'll see cost per clicks around $40 for the advertisers. That would be huge profit to you even with little traffic everyday.

So to recape:
Do your research before you list your site. Find out how much marketers are paying for that click, and then decide if you have enough traffic to make that $ value worth while, and decide if it would enhance your site or 'trash' it up.

Hope that helps,