I have set up google adwords to try and increase traffic to my site. I have had a few click throughs and I am interested to see where these click throughs have come from. i.e. – what site they have clicked on the ad from…

Is this possible?

First, do yourself a favor and opt out of the content network. If your new to AdWords and the strategies need to be monitored with each Google feature, then stick with the Search Network only (click on edit settings for your campaign, then un-check “the content network.”

As for your original answer. The reporting section of AdWords has a bunch of helpful reports. The one you are looking for is called “Placement Performance.” You can sort the report by clicks to what sites are delivering the most traffic….you will be surprised on what you will see (warning: without targeting the content network properly, you will notice that the content network is generating a lot of impressions from a lot of un-related sites. Please don't be surprised if all of the sudden you realize that the content network is not helping you meet your business goal).