Is there a website for Australian actors advertising auditions for actors? It doesn't matter if its Television, film or theatre. Any auditioning site or place or info I can get about auditioning?

First off, check out local auditions at theatre.asn.au, or read up on Aussietheatre.com. Artshub.com.au and QuietonSet.com.au have good listings as well, but it costs money to subscribe.

My best advice is to visit the first link, head to the FAQ section, and read about finding agents in Australia, how to find work, etc. There's heaps of free info there for new actors, and is practically the best place you can find info for emerging actors.

Auditions are hard to find, so you'll also want to consider finding an agent. If you have little to no experience, do check out classes local to you; there are way too many actors and not enough roles to go around, so if you don't have experience don't expect a role on Neighbours.