In the next video of the “How to” Atkins low carb videos, I discuss the issue of “net carbs” vs. “net impact carbs” (or “net effective carbs”). Net impact carbs is found throughout the marketplace as vendors are lobbying for the low carb market. I define net carbs as strictly as possible for me, which is grams of Total Carbohydrates minus grams of Fiber. The marketers would rather have you believe that the Sugar Alcohols do not count.

The reality is that they do count in more ways than one. Not only do they count from 25-75% as much Sugar, they also have some pretty negative side effects. They have been shown to cause both gas and diarhea in a number of people. This is due to them not being digested before the large intestines, which leads to the bloating. You might be among the fortunate few that are not as gastric affected by sugar alcohols. Your brain might hamper your weight loss efforts with a cephalic insulin reaction.

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