I went to a rather upscale restaurant with my husband for dinner last night–it was our date night.

In the middle of the dinner, I excused myself and went to the ladies room to find the most embarrassing advertising I've ever witnessed–there were ads in the stalls. 

Now, I ask you, would you go to an accountant who advertises on the bathroom wall?  Can you see the first conversation, “Hi Mr. Accountant, I was in the bathroom peeing and thinking about my taxes and your advertisement (with picture) was staring at me, so I picked up my cell phone and decided to call you right away.  What a relief to know you were advertising at the exact moment I was considering my tax liability and relieving my bladder.  You're a Godsend.”

You know, I have a lot of experience with advertising and marketing, but I just don't see this one as viable…