I had a potential client come to me about two weeks ago and said he found a company that could get him on the front page of Google for $400.00 a month.  Knowing what I know about Google, and all the years of experience in the area it sounded too good to be true.   It was.

We called this company to figure out what they were doing.  They were calling there service Search Engine Placement.  We asked if this was Google AdWords and they guy kept saying (as if we didn't understand such things) “ hmm The Google Algorithm, The Google Algorithm…”  

Well, what we found out is this: it was Google AdWords and what he was doing was buying one specific keyword like “dentist Kalamazoo Michigan” that didn’t get searched often.   The problem with this is although he wasn’t technically lying, how does this benefit the client? It doesn’t, unless those specific strings of words are actually searched. It’s just another way some unscrupulous people are making a bad name for the industry.   I wanted you to know.