I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and need ideas of effective ways of advertising on the Internet.
I have a website that I can lead people to.
I do not need to make a website. I already have a great one. I just want to know how I can either get people to the website I already have or how I can get leads over the Internet of people that would like facials.

Your first step should be getting into the Google and Yahoo search engines. This is easy and free. You want people to be able to search “Mary Kay” and “Your Town” and have your website come up. Secondly, I would make weekly posts on Craigslists.com. Doing this is also easy and free it a great way to promote your website and announce Mary Kay makeover parties and whatnot. Lastly, if you sell product from your website, I would suggest using Google AdWords. This places little advertisements about your website directly in front of the demographic you would want to be advertising to. AdWords can really narrow down your target audience for you with this pay-per-click program. But I would only recommend this if you are actually selling product from your website so you have the best chance of seeing a return from your investment. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck with your venture!