I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in Marketing and will be starting my MBA following. I am wondering what different professions are out there and a job description with them for those with a marketing degree.
I know of these:
Marketing Manager
Marketing Assistant
Brand Manager
Investment Bankers

What are many others that I may be interested in? I would like to research these different professions and what they entitle. Thanks for the help.

Marketing sets you up to pursue a lot of different career paths, including the ones you noted plus the following:

Advertising / Promotions
Public Relations
Pricing Analyst
Product Line Manager

The jobs vary by industry and seniority or role, so you may want to take a hard look first at what industry you want to be in. The roles will be very different for P&G versus GE versus Ogilvy & Mathers versus Toyota versus Coca-Cola versus Dell versus Marriott Vacation Club versus Wal-Mart versus Mercury Marine, yet all of these firms employ a large number of marketing professionals at all levels of the organization in roles paying US$20,000 to US$500,000 annually.

One side note: don't go directly from undergrad to MBA. You'll waste your time and annoy your classmates if you can get in, but most top programs will not even consider you without 3-5 years of post-undergrad experience. (That experience gives you a basis to understand the professors, which will allow you to take a lot more away from the overall experience.)