I am just wondering about some following questions about the position of product marketing manager:
what are the differences between a general marketing plan and the marketing plan made by the product marketing manager?
I am talking about the ERP software product .
For example,do the marketing objectives contain only the finacial figures (which is in tune with traditional marketing theory)when a product marketing manager making marketing plan.

in the business I work in, the marketing managers are those that are responsible for analyzing the market needs. they take that information to the product marketing manager. the product marketing manager determines if there is a product that already exists that can serve the new need or if a new product must be developed. if a new one needs to be developed, the product marketing manager works with technical to develope the new product. after development, the product marketing manager and the marketing manager work together to develop the general marketing plan. it is usually led by and the decision making is given to the product marketing manager. but it's the marketing manager's duty to implement the marketing plan.