Im looking to start marketing a new companies and its services via email they have around 60,000 client emails some existing customers others are not.

What sort of % rate return and response would the average campaign receive?

There are alot of factors that depends on. First, you need to be more specific, What type of company are you starting, and what will you be promoting?

It's hard to understand your question, because of the typo's.

Email Marketing can be tricky. But you mentioned, that some were existing customers. So, I'm assuming this list, is one that has been established by you, or this company.

As, I said, the response rate all depends, On the product or service, the cost of the product or service.

And, than the email, The subject is very important. You want it to grab their attention, so they OPEN the email, which you can use a 'link tracker" or something, if your promoting thru email, this service may be an option already for your software your using.

And, the email contents has to be just as powerful as the subject.

So, you need to ask your question again, and be more specific, with what type of products your offering, to what list, and how much they cost, and how many people are opt-in subscribers, ect.