I am new to network marketing and do not have a warm market. Thus, my problem is formed. What is an alternative way to find people to recruit? Also, any other suggestions and tips is much appreciated.

Please do not respond with any biz opps or etc– I already have a job. Also, no negative comments.


There is no other way to do it successfully than to start out in your warm market. Studies have shown that anyone who is over 21 years old knows over 10,000 people. Surely you have 100 you could speak to. Here's how I did mine. Instead of asking them to buy product, ask them who they know that might need your help. If its a product or service that truly helps people, they won't hesitate to share names with you.

Your warm market is your training ground. They will forgive you if you don't know everything there is to know about your company. Once you've been trained in your warm market, you should be good enough to move on to your cold market. (There's a reason they call it 'cold' market)

The beauty of your network marketing group (if they are any good) is in that they have a system in place for people to be successful. If you are not willing to follow the system, you need to get out. There is a saying in network marketing. "People need to be coachable. If they are not coachable one of two things happens — they quit or they become coachable".

Make sure you are in an organization where your upline is willing to work with you every day. If they are not, quit and find one where this happens, or start calling upline. Call to your first upline National. If they are not available, call your second upline National, as high as it takes to find someone willing to mentor you, and then plant yourself at their feet. If you cannot find anyone willing to work with you on a daily basis, start looking for another company.

I have made it to Senior Regional Sales director with over 100 people under me within 6 months. I've done it by staying in contact with my National every day.

If you're looking for another company, I would be happy to give you my insight into the ones I've been associated with over the years — both good and bad. Email me with your ?'s