Its a gutter cleaning service using an industrial vac. I have already leaflet dropped and have got some work from that, but I want to expand the advertising. I have missed this years listing in the yellow pages. Radio? Newspaper? Keep leaflet dropping? I would love to hear from small business people who have been in a similar position.

The shitty response would be "Hey, everybody knows that word-of-mouth is the best advertising there is."

And it could be true. But you have to think of it in the most practical way. Nobody gives a shit about the gutters until they're fed up with the trash in them.

I certainly don't.

So your business alleviates hassle. That's what you provide: relief for the lazy.

You haven't missed out on the yellow pages, radio, newspaper or even television. You just need to figure out a way to actually make them work for you.

What kind of leaflets do you give out? Text-based only?

Why not show the contrast between what people COULD be doing instead of doing the gutters because YOU are taking care of it?

Also: What kind of information did you get from the people who you already worked for? Did you get their mailing address?

You know how those places where you can get your oil changed put a sticker on your window to let you know when to come back?

Dentists send out greeting cards every 6 months to remind people that they need to get another check up.

How often do gutters, on average, get stuffed up in clutter? Was there a storm last night?

Is autumn coming in and all the trees are beginning to shed?

Maybe they'll need you more than ever, but won't even think about you because you weren't there to remind them.

Just think about this: You, and me as well, might have something we need to take care of that we are for one reason or another just slacking on and leaving it for later.

What if I actually get a piece of advertising that let's me know that I could get it for a discount?

That would remind me and get me at least an inch closer to taking care of it. Probably with you.

And that's my two cents.