I'm graduating high school and hoping to pursue a career in advertising.

I'm doing this summer program at the fashion institute of technology for advertising and graphic design, they suggested for us to know more about the industry.

Anyone can give me links and tips?
what is there to know?

Advertising industry is very fast-paced! It's not as easy to get in as compared to graphic design industry in general. Graphic Design industry may expand to include design house, magazine or simply some publisher of books. Advertising would then entill the strict works of campaigns with clear ojectives such as branding or tactical targetting. Experience is the key in advertising, with a sharp edge being critical. Winning awards in your studying days & internship would be of great help to secure your entrance upon fresh grad. Usually only the cream of the crop will survive & succeed well in advertising while the rest simply move into the general graphic design industry with more lenient oppportunities widely available.

Give it your best shot; all the best!