I am looking for some ideas on what type of advertising & marketing for my new recording studio.

Word of mouth is the WORST way to promote ANY kind of company. It's only attraction is the cost of 0. Consider this…what you say in any ad is JUST (if not more, really) as important as WHERE you say it at or through what media. With word of mouth you have NO CONTROL of your message. So even with the best intentions, someone could be talking you up and actually affect the listener negatively about what you can do. You never see your failures…only the successes with word of mouth.

I would suggest radio, on stations that play the type of music you most like to produce. You know musicians are also listening in…best place to catch them. Next in line would be different music magazine publications or local 'hip' publications. The ones that talk about the art and entertainment scenes or the party places and such.

Your CHEAPEST way is to make a flyer to post at record stores and intrument shops. HOWEVER, if you want it to have a great effect, either put your MOST into making that piece look amazing and keep your copy simple and bottom line as to what is in it for the prospect and don't gush on about yourself and what great equipment you have. That is important, but only in the way that actually affects what your target audience would want to do or be looking for. Always write from thier viewpoint…not yours. Also…make the graphics eye catching, yet not confusingly busy and keep a level of class and elegance to appear much bigger than you actually are. No matter your size.