We are all influenced by the media and advertising. What types of advertising campaigns are most effective on you personally? Cite specific examples. What rhetorical devices do they use, and why do you think they are so effective?

I especially like advertising that offers me something. Many TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ads that are out there are just yapping on about how their product is great. But the ads that offer me a discount or a deal are most effective for me. For example, coupons are a great way to reach me with your advertisement. As a matter of fact, I would say that the most effective advertising to reach me would be those coupons on the back of the register tapes at my local grocery store. Those coupons are like free money and they are for local businesses that I would actually go to. I've used quite a bit of those coupons before. I've actually gone to a store before and bought something I didn't want because I knew a local hair place had a $5 off coupon!