I have worked for the same IT company for 8 years. I have has two salary raises of £50 per month and £100 per month. I am the marketing department in that I have to do everything, events, marketing plans, pr, funding, networking, go up and down the country and so on. I take home £1300 a month after deductions.

My appraisal is coming up but if the sales team salaries are not risen, then the chance of them getting sales from following my campaigns are low. I would move if I could…but they are likely to say if I don't like it, go..I would just like to be paid something close to what the job actually is. not what management think it is….so – any advice?

I would think that it sounds like you're on a very low salary for someone with that much experience, but then I'm in London and I know that salaries are lower outside of London, I just don't know by how much.

Do you have a friend who does a similar job to you (in a different company) that you can ask what they're on? I know that some people don't like to discuss salaries even with friends but this is the best way to find out.

I would also advise that you have a look on Monster. They have a salary calculator which you can use to estimate what you should be on, although I've never found this particularly accurate. What you can do, though, is look at jobs which are being advertised and get a feel for the salary ranges that are listed with them.

But if you want my advice, if you're thinking of leaving, then do it now. I'm a recruiter in the IT industry and if someone sent me a CV where they'd been in the same job for eight years, unless that person was a fantastic match for the position, I wouldn't even interview them. Yes, there's a lot to be said for being loyal to your employer, but after a certain period of time there's no way that you can be learning anything new in a job, and staying there shows a lack of motivation and desire to progress in your career.