I've started a small online business that caters to girl and women. I still feel unable to market to them though lol. I know they're more emotional than us (men) and might be attracted to what moves them rather than what works best but not sure how to go about marketing to them. I think like a man when I market to them because I'm a man lol.
Any ideas, tips or anything else that might help me do better in this regard?

Women, very tough for us guys to figure out, I agree. They are wonderful creatures so much better than us men! I still have trouble figuring out my wife and mother, however, marketing to women should not be that difficult if you use your wits.

Ask yourself these questions:
1.) What are my top competitors?
2.) Who among the competitors is selling the most?
3.) What are they doing that I am not?

It is pretty basic stuff. If you are selling lingere, I would bet that Victoria's secret knows a bit about how to sell this to women (and men!) so go to their web site and see what they are doing and emulate.

If you are selling creams and other beauty products have a look in on Este Lauder, The Body Shop etc. as they know how to sell to women.

Take their ideas for your own and modify them for testing. They have spent a fortune on marketing speicialists to design their campaings – – follow the herd and you should arrive at the watering hole before you know it.