Hello all,
I have become a distributor for a network marketing company that is new to Michigan. I am really excited about it, and so far it is working out way better than I had expected. I spend a lot of time online and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good place for me to advertise my business on line. If you know of any web pages where people would go to look for this kind of thing please let me know.

Thanks, Stan.

Hey Stan, all the answers provided are excellent places and strategies for promotion.

Just be careful to NEVER promote your mlm itself. 99% people out there DON'T need another mlm, they need a system.

You will need to promote the SYSTEM. That is where ALL the money is.

MLM is a giant gold mine. How many strike it rich, finding the elusive gold nuggets? 99% of the time, nobody.

How many make money selling tools to gold-diggers? A much, much higher percentage.

Do yourself a favor and promote the system instead of your mlm. Sell the tools (auto-responders, keyword software, etc) to other distributors of your company, make instant commissions on them fast, don't wait for your first mlm commission. You'll wait forever.

The money is all is promoting the system, mlm is just a secondary income stream. Plus if you use a system, signing up distributors in your company can be easier BUT USING A SYSTEM DOESN'T MEAN GUARANTEE SUCCESS, to be honest.

But it does help. A lot.

Promote the system in the front-end, help other fellow distributors with utmost necessary tools that will help them in their mlm business, pocket the instant commissions from selling them and sign up distributors in the back-end.

That is the mlm formula for success that 99% of mlm distributors do not use. Be that smart one percenter.

DO NOT PLUG YOUR MLM, PLUG THE SYSTEM. Don't be another mlm casualty.

If you are already using one, RIGHT ON! If not, read the sales pitch on this one:


In case I'm repeating myself, THE MONEY IS IN SELLING THE SYSTEM.