I consider the constant advertising on all channels of TV & Radio by Harvey Norman as little more than brainwashing.It has reached the point of using the mute button on the remote
every time their advert appears on sceen and turning off the radio when I hear it start. On principal due to this constant advertising I will not shop at their stores. I understand there has to be advertising but do not want to be told over and over
again during a programme of the many sales and
the offers of no payment for long periods of time. There are many others but I find this company the worst. At times the
same items are advertised within few minutes of each other.
If the watchdogs are contacted,the reply is pages of facts
and figures to prove the companies are within the guidelines.
Thank goodness for the ABC.Long may they remain advertising free.

Why is it with advertising that we tend to consider ourselves immune to it, while we are worried that everybody else is heavily influenced by it?

I've not seen the particular advertisement, but would find it hard to believe that advertisement can have a brainwashing effect.