I am using the google Adwords but not attracting a lot of clicks. How should I improve the key words and daily budget to attract more sales? Please give me your advice and experience. Thanks.

The easiest ways:
With adwords, is simple.You must bid high on the beginning, like for the top or second position.
This way you will get more clicks (although more expensive) but you will rank better on relevancy, and quality score.

After just a few days you will check that the minimum bid needed for a specific keyword had been lowered. For instance, let’s say you advertise on the keyword youtube. You would want to deactivate content network ads this time…

Now let’s say that the youtube keyword minimum bid is 1 dollar. The guy on the top position is biding about $ 1.5
You shall bid 1.55 (leave some cents margin) for let’s say, 3 or 4 days. At the end of day 3-4 you will see that the minimum bid have dropped to 80 cents. You can now lower your bid to 1.45 and still be in the top position due to quality score.

the whole process repeats itself until the minimum bid for that keyword reaches 20 cents. This way, you can bid 35 cents for that keyword, and still be on the top position, while the other guy is biding 1.50 and in the second place.

I’ve tested this way several times, with all keywords. Working the quality score is very important. Use smaller groups of keywords and ads and monitor closely. Remove keywords and put them into different ad groups if they do not perform to get the good ad groups well positioned. Bid higher initially to get a ‘forced higher CTR%’. Then gradually lower your bids and hope that your position maintains. But this might take weeks to slowly lower it till you’re paying real low bids & still getting good positions.

One trick is really to tweak your Adcopy to make it look interesting. There have been documented examples, that between a well-written ad vs a unique ad, usually the unique ad wins. (not across all markets!)