I want to know what type of jobs available in Advertising field.Where do i get information of the institute of part time course?What's the value of the course in present scenario?Please inform me in details.

If you answer yes to all these questions, please go to your local city college and talk with a career counselor:

1) I love working in the sales field and I love working long hours.

2) I have a knack for understanding people of all size, shapes, colors, sexuality, background, etc.

3) I love getting rung up on the phone and getting reemed because my clients ads didn't do well.

4) I am willing to work at least 3-6 years in the sales field before accepting a marketing position.

5) I love playing games with people who B.S. me and tell me that I can count on them, just to have them bail on me at the last possible moment, which I have to scramble to fill their positions.

6) I love not getting paid on time because someone didn't pay their bill and now I have to act like a bill collector and extract it out of them.

7) I love working with cheap scapes.

8) I love wasting my own money sometimes, to get further in the job.

9) I love it when my own co-worker is trying to screw me over a client and my commissions.

10) I love working with other idiots, who claim to have the most experience in the advertising field.

These are some of the bad things I have to deal with everyday. If you can live with these things and work around them, then u can make $10K a month.

But advertising is not easy. No one said it was easy. It's not easy to get into either. Just because you have a degree or have a book on how to work as an advertising specialist, etc. you really don't know squat. I don't have a degree. I worked the pavement for the last 7 years with all walks of life. I fell into the position and everyday I make fun of people who have degrees, drive the Beamer (Thats about to be repo'd), and wear the fancy suits.

I drive a Toyota for gas mileage, wear a polo shirt for the non-intimidating factor, and spent many years working with over 500+ different fields of businesses. I basically met and did business with everyone from Joe Blow's Mobile Restrooms, start ups with no idea but alot of money, people who's businesses are failing and want you to work for free, successful immigrant with 10 businesses, Fortune 500 companies, churches, lawyers, doctors, to Rose stands, etc.

Advertising isn't usually something you just want to do, it's usually a salesman/woman who fall into it. I don't know what to say about you. But you'll figure it out down the line. Most people who gets the degree in advertising, get that high paying position because some naive company, who's about to go bankrupt, hires them, only to fire them 3 months later because their skills set is not there.