How to go Live from Any Facebook Page

Top 10 Free or Near Free Tools for Productivity

I’m asked on a fairly regular basis what I feel are the best free (or almost free) tools for the trade, so, just in time for the new year I decided to compile a list of my Top Ten, with a bonus because I honestly couldn’t limit myself to just ten. These are the tools…

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Using Facebook for Local Advertising

This week I had a big problem. I needed to vacate my office space quickly- and had no idea what I was going to do with all of the office equipment and furniture. Find out how I used a geo-targeted ad and a post to my Facebook page to solve this problem:

Setting up Instagram Ads in your Facebook Account

Did you know that the only way to buy ads on Instagram is through Facebook? Remember: use the live chat available at to get quick answers to all of your Facebook Ad questions. Here’s how to set up your Instagram account and start an ad campaign. Follow along to get started posting Instagram ads…

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How to add Instagram to Your FB Advertising

The tool you should use for your blog

To get this you can CLICK HERE (it’s less than $30.00) and worth having..

One Productivity Tool That Everyone Needs.

Here’s where to get these tools For PC-use free tool Ditto to save time with cut and pasting over and over  For Mac try

Two Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site from Being Hacked

When Conan O’Brian jokes about Google, You know it’s kind of true.. G+ fails to be used

Google + failure plus new Google Alphabet

How to add a CTA to your Facebook page.

How to add a call to action button to your Facebook page.
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